Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sindhi rights

A little known ethnic group that is suffering from discrimination, and government sponsored violence is theSindhi of south eastern Pakistan.

Decades old villages of Sindhi people have been declared illegal by Karachi administrative authorities and a processing of leveling such villages has already started.

These decades old villages are being treated as illegal settlements and Sindhis are seen as illegal settlers in Karachi’s villages.

Villagers have resisted government authorities moves and fearing peoples outburst the process of leveling the villages has been delayed for time being, but the fear to attack these villages remains there.

Currently there are 17 villages in rural areas of Karachi, which are
identified by city district government authorities as illegal and to be

The villages look like slum areas, poverty and joblessness is highest in these villages, basic amenities of life have been a dream for residents of these villages.

Sindhi parties led by Awami Tahreek has launched a movement to save these villages. AT chief Rasool Bux Palejo and AT Karachi chapter President Noor Nabi Rahojo, along with other activists have visited these affected villages and expressed their solidarity and support to struggling villages. Even some NGOs have come to defend these settlements.

But the Sindhi plight, like that of many other ethnic minorities around the world, remains well below the media's radar screen. Saving their rights will be a difficult fight.


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