Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Uzbek refugees recount harrowing tales three months after Andijan violence

Interviews with Uzbek refugees who fled to Romania after the violence three months ago are tellign tales of violence, trauma and loss in eastern Uzbek.

Some of the refugee stories:

I heard in the prison that the President would be coming, so I went to the square. When I heard a helicopter, I got excited: a chance to voice our grievances. We heard speakers, and then suddenly shooting started around me in the streets. I saw one neighbour in front of me. His face was all bloody. Speakers urged us to leave but I was cornered.

My young son was killed in Babur Square. The bullet went through his ear, they said. I did not see it happen. I was also on the square with my other son and saw a young boy being shot in front of me. Now when I think about my dead son, I think about the young one I saw.

Others who fled were not so lucky. Some who fled to Kyrgyzstan were returned to Uzbeckistzan where they have been held incommunicado. Others are still being held by the Kyrgyz authorities.


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