Friday, December 23, 2005

The World has "Just Weeks" to prevent Dafur from Sliding Back into Chaos

Sudan has been swept from view in the mainstream media and in the U.S. government, partly due to the peace settlement earlier this year, and partly due to the disire to exploit the oil rich region in the southern part of the country.

Fortunately, bloggers are attempting to keep the issue in view. Allthings2all has published a Christmass roundup of blog reports on Sudan and Darfur.

Congress has adjourned without taking action on Darfur:
The Darfur Peace and Accountability Act passed the Senate on Nov. 18, and the House was poised to pass the DPAA before the White House delayed it. Apparently, the Bush Administration objects to the continuation of sanctions on the government of Sudan. Congress must not allow this pressure to prevent the passage of the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act,

The Atlantic Review
condemns European governments for being too eager to do business with Sudan.

The German media is very critical of any wrong doing by the US government, a few US soldiers and many US companies. Hedge funds were not just characterized as bloodsuckers, but as American bloodsuckers. German companies receive less criticism. Sometimes they even receive government support for doing business with rogue states.

The Sudanese government is complicit in the genocide in the western province of Darfur, but the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor sponsored a "German Pavilion" at a trade fair in the Sudanese capital in February 2005 and will do so again in February 2006 due to "the positive feedback from the German participants," according to one chamber of commerce.

Africa action lists the top 10 ways to take action to stop genocide in Darfur, while Sudan Divest is urging a divestiture campaign against Sudan similar to that taken against South Africa.

This is an issue that should not be allowed to be swept under the rug.


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