Sunday, September 18, 2005

Asian-American Network Against Abuse of Women

The Asian American Network against Abuse of Women helding the first ever rally against abuse in Pakistan in New York City On September 17.

The rally was held to call attention to the human rights abuses that continue unabated in Pakistan: at least three “honor killings” occur each day and a woman is raped once every two and a half hours.

Under the feudal system and jirga system of justice carried out under the banner of religion, Pakistani women and men are denied their basic human rights and dignity. Women are the most victimized members of Pakistani society who pay with their lives and bodies for alleged crimes violating their family or tribe's so-called honor.

In a recent case, Mukhtar Mai was raped while on duty as a physician in Sui Balochistan, Shazia. Shazia was been maligned and effectively banished from her homeland and forced to take refuge in Great Britain. The alleged perpetrator, an army officer, continues to go unpunished and is a free man.

She has spoken out against the crime and has become a symbol of hope for thousands of women in Pakistan who live daily with the fear of violence and torture on their person.


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